Musiche per automi


The music automa presented here is based on a multiple entity system that interact each othen in a limited "acoustic space", in order to compose a musical tune thru a multiple parallel processing of thematic material sets.
All the entities are caracterized by a single behaviour applied to the assigned thematic material. The thematic material processing and its depelope is based on contingent requirements where the single entity acts and the sonic result can be very heterogenous. The developed thematic material can be explained as a clearly played thema, fully evidenced, or explained as a series of really fast playbacks where the basic thema cannot be distinguished becoming a timbrical component of the sonic set.

Entities organization

The music composed by the automa is the sum of all the sound signals generated by every single entity. A single entity sound signal is the result of a sound synthesis software controlled by the way the entity develope the thematic material.
Every single entity developes its thematic material by relating itself to its neighborhood in order to interact, eventually, with other closer entities.

Born and death of an entity

Entities relates each other; relations that gives effects on the way the thematic material will be developed.
In particular conditions the entities interaction gives the possibility to spawn a child entity tha features the same thematic material of the parent but with a different rhythmic unit (that is used to set a start-up rhythm to every entity). When the parent entity life cycle is over it will be turned off and it will not be processed in future producing no sound. The parent entity thematic material will be developed by the children entities spawned until they will not become to end of their life cycle.
The entity life's cycle can be shortened or lengthened depending on "acoustic space" status. An overcrowded situation, which lets difficult to clearly explain and develope the thematic material, generates stress for the entities and their life cycle will be shortened.

The CD

CD front cover

The recording is completely digital and it's treated with a special purpose dynamic emphasizer musical software developed by the author in order to better exalt the wide dynamics of the automa.
The CD has a jewel-box in normal or slim format (on request) and has the aspect of a burned CD with a cover made by the author.

CD content:

1. Lenti intrecci per una comunità iniziale di quattro entità (10'20'')
2. Modificazioni timbriche (15'07'')
3. Vita e morte di una comunità nata dal contrappunto (25'34'')
4. Intrecci percussivi (24'44'')

Durata totale: 75'45''.

Caution: the recorded CD content has not frequency band limitation. This allow the playback of extremely high or extremely low frequency that can damage your playback system in particular conditions. The author of the music material cannot be responsable for any damage to playback system while reproducing this CD.

You can copy this CD for personal use only; copies for other use must be agreeded with the author of the music material. Public performance is allowed.

Downloadable listenings

It's possible to listen and download on your PC the tune Intrecci percussivi *revisited version* (31'20''), in Ogg Vorbis format.

This tune is a bonus track not included in the "Musiche per automi" CD. The track is based on the same "Intrecci percussivi" settings with a different sound synthesis engine handled by the automa.
The tune is distinguished by the intensive use of high frequencies and glissatos; it features two "demographic explosion" sections that are high intensive and quick processing of the thematic material.

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