General informations

Defractor is a software synthesizer with the capability to save to disk the generated sounds. The synthesis engine is based on a custom algorithm: that means Defractor is not an emulator of other synthesizers.


  • 2 oscillators
  • 12 mathematically generated waveforms + 1 custom waveform
  • 2 envelope generators with attack and decay (AD type)
  • 32 bit floating point synthesis engine
  • 32 bit smoothing filter
  • 32 bit Pinch/Punch filter
  • 32 bit Overdrive
  • 16 bit Attenuator
  • Sliding command
  • Phase and amplitude synchronizer
  • Customizable settings of internal synthesizer parameters

System requirements

Windows 95 or above operative system.
Pentium class processors or above (work also with 80486 processors).
8 MB system memory.
A sound card (not really required).


Defractor 0.97ß.



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