General informations

Foury converts an image saved in RAW RGB format to sound using the image as a spectral representation of the sample. Every image column represent a frequency (the first column on the left is the lower harmonic).
The current Foury version handles only the Red channel of the image (it's possible to use grayscaled imaged always saved as RAW RGB data).

Foury is a command-line software so its use is really flexible in a Batch-process or controlled by a Graphical Uses Interface (*not included*).


  • Support for up to 16000 image width.
  • Up to 65 KHz sampling frequency.
  • Customizable harmonic source using external waveform file.

System requirements

An image editor that can save data in RAW (Interleaved RGB) format.
80286 processore or above.
DOS 3.0 or above, Windows 95 or above operative systems.

Sound card not required.


Foury 1.0ß.



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