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Requirements to let the site work.

This site requires the browser can handle XHTML 1.0 code and CSS 1.0 and 2.0 style sheets. It's also preferred that the browser is allowed to execute Javascript code.
In order to use the "Set marker" and "Go to marker" the browser is required to handle Cookies or to have this feature enabled. The Cookies that this site will set DO NOT contain any personal information of the user and they are used for the "Set marker" and "Go to marker" functions, for an easier browsing of the site, and for handling CD reservations.
Wherever personal information are required you'll find a visible advise in that page.

What I would obtain with this site.

When I started rewriting my old site pages I decided to reach a fundamental target: let my site a nice place.
By my opinion a "nice place" means setting up basic features, visible or not to users:

  • order
    An ordered page has nice layout that you are glad to read, that emphatizes informations and never let you loose your time. That's why I have used a standard footer with the basic site features, or why I have planned a layout logic in colors and page elements... the same functionalities in the same places.
  • easiness
    A fixed scheme for information elements in all screen resolutions, a simple and elegant that doesn't hide contents, high readability font faces with not too emphasized color contrast: this are the key feature where I have spent my time and that ensures an easy browsing.
  • loading speed
    One of the things that compromise navigating a web site is the slow loading of the site contents. This is sometimes caused by redundant HTML code, big sized images, etc. In my pages I tryed to minimize loading without compromising the way informations are displayed. To reach this goal I wrote all the HTML pages by hand to avoid unnecessary code, I have used CSS style sheets, I have centralized in a library all the most used Javascript routines and created a set of JPEG images that can be reused as much I can. An hard work was necessary to reach this goal but the high performance I get, really pays. By the other hand using tables avoid displaying the contents while they are loaded into the browser - I apologize for it but I can get all for free.

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