Experimental music?

Why "experimental music"?

The main trouble on creating this site was finding a short way to describe the content without any manipulation to the way a visitor relates with it.
Simply writing "music" wasn't enought: too generic and imprecise to have any interested musical reaction and attractive only for a commercial approach.
Maybe I could write "classical music" or "contemporary music" but another really bad trouble raises: a visitor that read such kind of heading (cause of various cultural conditioning of our times) tends to think that the musical content presented here is (or hopes to be) Art. And would be a really easy, from there, to compare or relate my music to the ones of famous composers of the past.
I absolutely want to avoid that because my music never wants to be art o to be compared to other music by my hand. The listener should, if he think is necessary, do that, not me.
The idea to wrote "experimental music" borns now: it's a definition that means nothing but that the music content borns from musical research.
"Experimental music": a good definition but still imprecise for my musical works. Imprecise because quite all the music material available in this site is the result of experimentation and not the experimentation itself.
The "experimental music" definition has another advantage: it never manipulates the listener approach to the music and never avoid any kind of opinion. In fact, cause of the cultural conditioning I said above, we tend to have a pre-built set of opinions due to the music label we find. So happens that if we know a music is labelled "classical" we will tend to avoid negative opinions and we limit our negative reaction to no-comment. In the same way a music labelled as "folk music for dancing" lets us to avoid an artistic behaviour.
That's why my choise for an ambiguous definition, that never exclude any kind of comment or opinion about my music material and that avoid any comparison with other composers. It's only required the time for a serene listening.
And a serene listening is what I wish to everyone is going to listen to my works.

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